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I have teamed up with my talented friend Emi McDade to do a joint tour. So far we have confirmed Gloucester, Cardiff, Swansea and London and we'd really love to see you there.  If you like my music I'm confident you will be a fan of Emi's beautiful songs too. 
You can get tickets for these shows and check out our other live performances on the "Live Events" page. 


Thank you so much to everyone that has bought tickets for the album launch. I'm so pleased that all the tickets are now sold. I can't wait to meet you all and play the new songs. 
If you were unable to make it i'll be announcing new shows to promote the album soon 
We are performing at quite a few festivals this year and we have a few support slots so make sure you check out where we will be on the "Live Events" tab. 




The album is finally complete and will be out shortly but here's 2 tracks to give you an idea of what to expect and hopefully generate a little excitement. You can preorder them here and they will be released on the 17th of March.




BBC Radio Wales have got behind the new releases and has given me some funding to create an official music video. hope you enjoy!




My last single "Dandelion Wishes" now has 2,000,000 plays over on spotify and is featuring on playlists alongside all my musical idols. Thank you so much for all your continued support. If you don't already make sure you follow me to hear all the new releases.




My new single "See You Again" was selected for the BBC Radio Wales A-list Playlist and will be played everyday for a month. Listen out!!!


John Adams Music
SEE YOU AGAIN - Free Download


Pleased to announce the release of my new single "See You Again" to give you further insight into the new EP. If you click the picture you can download it free on soundcloud. 


Back last year I was booked to perform at a lady's wedding for this summer, the wedding was moved forward because her dad was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, it wasn't moved forward enough and he sadly didn't make it to the day. It was then i realized that even though I'm not religious minded, I had no other comfort to offer than the chance of her seeing him again in heaven. It really made me think and worry that one day I will be in the same situation and that's what inspired me to write this song.

Thank you so much for any kind comments on the song; if anyone does relate I hope that time is the greatest of healers and the happy memories can overcome the sadness.


John Adams Music
NEW SINGLE - Dandelion Wishes
Here's my first track from my new EP. It's a song about a thought "How would it be if I never met you?". For me it's my Fiancee, I have no doubt I would be a different person and living a completely different life without her. It blew my mind when I gave it some thought so the song was really easy to write. I'ts incredible to think that we are just a product of all the people we have met along the way and how different we could be with just a small change. 
I'm currently recording the rest of the EP with Lee House who is really extending my style of music and I can't wait to share it with you.
Your support on this track would mean the world to me. Here's where you can listen or get your hands on it:




MERRY CHRISTMAS - New Single "Lost in christmas"


It would make my xmas if you could spare a few pence to download and support my music. If not then a simple share would equally fill me with glee :)




We've been working really hard in the studio and the new EP should be ready at the beginning of next year. We've been working with an amazing producer Lee House and wanted to give you an idea of what to expect. What better way than a bit of christmasness (new word).


I've also spent all my life savings on it so i drew the music video myself over 4 sleepless nights. lol I don't think i'll be giving up music for a career in art but i hope you enjoy :)







We have been invited to play before Take That in Birmingham Arena on their tour this year. A Fantastic opportunity for us to play to 16,000 people! WHATTTTT!!!!